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Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea Butter


Organic, unrefined, raw, grade A

Unrefined shea butter is the butter extracted from the sheanut, which is only grown in Western Africa. Our shea butter is unrefined, organic and raw, this means that it hasn't undergone any chemical refining process or extraction. Our raw shea butter is extracted in the traditional way by a woman's co-operative that is committed to empowering local women. Shea butter is also referred to as karite or sheanut butter.

What does organic, unrefined shea butter look like?

Raw, unrefined shea butter varies widely in colour. Shea butter is predominantly between yellow and ivory or cream color, however, shea butter can be anywhere from a light orange through to ash grey with a greenish tint. From our experience, colour isn't related to the quality of the shea, the most important factors are age and storage conditions. It is quite common for unrefined shea butter to be an uneven colour

What scent does unrefined shea butter have?

Unrefined, natural shea butter has a unique scent that is only found in non-deodorised shea butter. Again, due to the pure and natural nature of shea butter, the scent varies from batch to batch. Just as no two shea nuts are alike, each pot of shea butter will be different. As always with natural, unrefined products we just have to accept what Mother Earth gives us! The scent of shea butter is best described as nutty, fruity or smoky and the fresher the shea butter is, the stronger the scent. Some people find the scent of shea butter overpowering, our advice in this instance is to leave the shea butter uncovered for a few days and change the container and the scent will start to fade.  


Why choose organic, unrefined shea butter?

 Organic, unrefined shea butter is shea butter at its most natural. When shea butter is refined, the vitamins and minerals that are present in the shea butter are degraded by the heat and chemicals used in the process. Only the best, organic sheanuts are used to create our unrefined shea butter, and this means that they haven't been sprayed with harmful pesticides.

So why choose our shea butter?

  Our shea butter is cut fresh to order every day, and all of our shea butter has been recently produced. Because shea butter has such a long lifespan, some shea butter on sale is a year old before it even reaches you! Our shea butter is always within a month of production. 

What can I use shea butter for?

  Shea butter has a wide range of uses, it is a fantastic ingredient. Use it to create body butter, or a hair treatment, try adding some to a soap recipe to superfat your soap. Use it in a lip balm, or in a hand cream. Shea butter contains vitamins A, E, K and F As far as we are concerned, shea butter is simply the best!

How should I store my shea butter?

  Shea butter is best kept out of direct sunlight and sealed. You don't want any moisture to build up inside the container. Shea butter is perfectly happy at room temperature and doesn't need to be kept in a fridge.